how to make homemade orecchiette

Homemade Orecchiette

Orecchiette is one of the best pasta types. But nothing compares to when orecchiette is homemade, regardless of whether it’s frozen, fresh, or frozen ready-made. There are so many great recipes for this Southern Italian pasta.  Homemade Orecchiette In Puglia It’s now possible to purchase this pasta fresh in Northern Italy, where they have the …

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how to make homemade tagliatelli

How to Make Homemade Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle is the easiest shape to make for new pasta-makers. Making fresh pasta at your home is easy, despite it seems daunting at first.  These delicious Emilian dishes, tagliatelle, lasagna, tortelloni, and tortellini, have one thing in common: homemade pasta! It is easy to make the perfect, fresh tagliatelle pasta dough. All you need are …

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gigi hadid pasta

Famous Gigi Hadid Pasta Recipe

This amazing recipe with spicy Vodka sauce is originally an Italian known dish, but supermodel Gigi Hadid created 2020 a viral hype with her homemade Gigi Hadid Pasta. After you tried this recipe, you will know why Gigi Hadid Pasta is worth the hype. It’s a simple recipe, that creates an amazing taste.  Why Try …

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fettuccine weesie

Tasty Fettuccine Weesie Recipe

There are so many different ways to prepare pasta on a daily basis and therefore, Fettuccine Weesie will bring a good variety to your plate. Even though this recipe is passed down through generations, this traditional Italian dish didn’t get old and is still extremely popular, all over Italy. So, why not bring it to …

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