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Mortar and pestle

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As you know freshly ground pepper is the only way to go. It has a much better aroma and flavor than pepper purchased ground. For the very best ground pepper, use a mortar and pestle.

A mortar and pestle is a tool that has been used by people from ancient times to crush, grind, and mix herbs and spices. You can use it instead of pepper grinder or in some cases, a hand blender. It comes very handy when you have a small quantity of something to mash and mix, especially if it’s a hard substance.

I have been craving a good mortar and pestle for some time. There are many kinds of mortars. Some of made of marble, others of metal and there are even wooden and ceramic ones. I was sure I would not buy something that stains easily or holds particles because it’s made of porous material. Neither I wanted to buy a pestle and mortar that is too smooth or light. The object is to grind or mash ingredients to a finer consistency.  If there is nothing to provide resistance (such as rough surface or heavy weight), the food will just slip around the inside of the bowl. So when I saw this exacting piece, I knew I must buy it.

The thing I like about this particular type of mortar and pestle is that is heavy and solid. It’s carved out of granite and weights 6.5 kg making it a sturdy kitchen utensil. Because it’s made of non-porous granite, no tiny pieces get stacked in the bowl and so there’s no risk of cross-contamination or strong smells.

We are planning to include some recipes such as Guacamole and Pesto Genovese (which derives its name from the pestle pounding), which will be with use of pestle and mortar, so expect them soon.

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