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How to Make Garlic Confit Spread

How to Make Garlic Confit Spread

This stovetop garlic confit is quick and easy. It only requires garlic cloves, olive oil, and 30-45 minutes of stovetop cooking. The result will be tender and deliciously sweet garlic that can then be used in many ways. What is Garlic Confit? To confit something, in French, simply means to cook it for a long …

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Food Preservation: Freezing Basics

Food Preservation: Freezing Basics

Freezing is the most efficient, convenient, and time-saving method of conserving foods. Most foods available can be frozen, except produce with high-water content, cream-based foods, and cooked starchy foods like noodles and rice. These freezing basics will help you avoid freezer burn, which is when ice crystals form on food and cause it to dry …

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how to freeze kale

How to Freeze Kale

Do you know how to freeze kale? Kale is an interesting, nutritious vegetable that can be frozen and enjoyed later in the year when fresh produce is not available. You can definitely have at least one kale plant in your own garden too. They are incredibly hardy, and they can keep producing heartily for several …

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How to tenderize meat

How to Tenderize Meat

It does not matter if you are a grill master or a newbie, but you probably need to learn or have a refresher, on how to tenderize meat, and why it is important. You will be going back to basics today to get tips for getting tender, juicy, and crowd-pleasing meats. What Is Tenderizing? Why …

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