how to tell if shrimp is bad

How to Spot Spoiled Shrimp?

Spoiled shrimp cause food poisoning. So, it is crucial to inspect its appearance and smell before you cook it. Bad-smelling shrimp might have a slimy texture or a strong sour odor. It should also be white, transparent, or pink, regardless of its color. So, if the shells are discolored, it is likely that the shrimp …

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Why Is My Chicken Rubbery?

This article answers what causes rubbery chicken breasts, and how to fix it once it occurs. You’ve cooked dinner, and it is a chicken recipe that you have made many times. You followed every step of the recipe, but the chicken came out rubbery. This situation is so frustrating! A lot of things can cause …

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evaporated milk

Can You Drink Evaporated Milk?

If you have been wondering if evaporated milk could be drunk since you have never bought it before, then this article is the right one for you. This article discusses how you use evaporated milk, and what you can partner it with. What is Evaporated Milk Made Of? However, there are bad effects of evaporated …

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