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Handpresso coffee maker in action

It is highly portable, uses no electricity, and yet is capable of making a decent espresso anywhere. And when I say anywhere, I mean anywhere – every espresso lover’s dream come true!

This post is about one of the latest gadgets we’ve been using quite a lot recently – the Handpresso Wild espresso maker.

After having tested it for few months already, I can say it is perfect for all kinds of outside activities: mountain hiking, camping, fishing, or wherever else outdoors you prefer – it just travels with you. The only condition to like it is to like espresso.

The Handpresso is light and compact and that makes it suitable for small spaces such as boats and camper vans, caravans and even backpacks. If you travel a lot (and coffee at petrol stations makes you sick) this gadget gives you the freedom to have your espresso whenever and wherever you wish.

Despite being around for few years now, I only saw the gadget couple of years ago and had wanted one ever since. Then last year I got the Handpresso Domepod (the one that uses fresh ground coffee) as a present from Borislava and since then picnics are a diffrent experience all together.

For those of you who are still not familiar with this coffee maker, the concept is great and it’s easy enough to use: it creates water pressure using a hand pump similar to a bicycle tire pump. You need to push the Handpresso handle few times until its pressure gauge reaches sixteen bars, add hot water and the ground coffee, press the brew button and—voila—a hot, freshly brewed espresso shot is in front of you.

The results I get are amazing. Like any machine, however, it depends on the coffee and grind being used and to be honest, it took us a little experience to get things right. Key points about making a good espresso are to set grinder to fine and use fresh coffee only. We also find that tamp pressure has a lot of influence on the outcome, so buying the little tamper made for Handpresso will be a great aid. However if you wish to skip the trouble of grinding and tampering, you can the Handrpesso Wild E.S.E. working with pods.

Last but not least is the design – not only is this functional piece of kit, but it looks great too – it’s got a sleek and trendy finish. The Handpresso gadget gives you pleasure and satisfactions from A to Z.


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