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Haybox Cooker


Modern hay box cooker Photo source:

We’ve heard only recently about the thing called a “hay box cooking” and the idea hooked us instantly. The concept of the box cooker is so simple and commonsensical that when I think about it I start wondering why I haven’t come up with the idea earlier.

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Why every home cook needs clarified butter and how to make it


Clarified butter (also known as drawn butter) is butter from which milk solids and moisture have been removed, so the result is pure butterfat. Making clarified butter is really easy – typically, regular (unsalted) butter is heated to boiling point (so components separate), after which the water and milk solids are removed.

Clarified butter is

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The fight for seafood


We’ve said it many times in different posts and forewords to recipes: we love seafood! We adore everything coming from the sea – fish, clams, mussels, oysters, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crayfish, crabs… you name it! And I often catch myself wondering: “Can I live on fish only?” The answer is, definitely yes. However the other

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Immune boosting foods


Winter is the time of the year when most of us remember about the healthy foods and in particular those that boost the immune system. It’s certainly the case with us and during the last week or so we’ve been researching the topic, going through massive amount of sources and publications. Why is that

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Eating seasonal produce


Thanks to industrialized farming and globalization, we can have just about any fruit or vegetable under the sun, at any time of year. If you think about it, most likely, the fruit or vegetable coming from the other side of the world was harvested early, meaning it didn’t get a chance to fully

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