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10 movies you shouldn’t watch when hungry


Why do we all like food movies? Maybe because food has always been one of the key human pleasures? Or maybe because cooking books, TV shows and competitions, culinary blogs and pretty much everything food related are just about everywhere, hitting you like an avalanche and you kind of can’t stay indifferent? Or maybe because

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Cooking Healthier with Wine


Wine has always been associated with good food to complement the dining experience. Cooking with wine, however, always brings about a certain amount of apprehension for most homemakers. The mere thought of dousing anything with alcohol goes against the grain for any self respecting mom who’s trying to feed her kids. But of course, it’s

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Discover the joys of herb gardening


Thracian Clifs herb garden

Herbs are the most wonderful collection of plants, because not only do they smell divine, look good, and do you good, but they can transform a dish into a feast. Herb gardening has become popular recently because it’s satisfying to grow flavourful plants and to use them in your home

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Quick trip inside a professional kitchen plus a preview of world’s best restaurants kitchens

The fight for seafood


We’ve said it many times in different posts and forewords to recipes: we love seafood! We adore everything coming from the sea – fish, clams, mussels, oysters, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crayfish, crabs… you name it! And I often catch myself wondering: “Can I live on fish only?” The answer is, definitely yes. However the other

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