Mint Chocolate Bombs

Andes Hot Cocoa Mint Chocolate Bombs – If you love mint and chocolate together, these delicious Andes mint hot cacao bombs are for you! So, it is time you decided to jump on the hot cocoa bomb train. Why not? Hot cocoa bombs can be fun and sweet, and they are much easier to make …

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Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

Mint chocolate chip milkshake with lots of mint chocolate chips ice cream and whole milk. It’s rich, thick, and very refreshing. This drink is a great choice for chocolate and mint lovers! Although it is normal to only make homemade milkshakes during the summer, you can actually make it anytime as you wish. You don’t …

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Limoncello Lemonade: Cocktail Recipe

Limoncello Lemonade: Cocktail Recipe

Enjoy a refreshing glass of Limoncello Lemonade if you love lemon beverages. For a wonderfully sweet and tart sipper, pair fresh, homemade lemonade with some zesty Italian Limoncello. This is an excellent choice for summer cookouts, weddings, baby showers, or fun! Where did Limoncello Originate? Limoncello is a kind of lemon liqueur traditionally made in …

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old bachelors' jam

How to Make Old Bachelors’ Jam

Old Bachelors’ Jam, bursting with the flavor of stone fruit and berries, is like summer in bottles. This fruit-infused, old-world liqueur is one the easiest recipes to make. This sweet and fruity liqueur will bring back the summer memories when the winter cold finally sets in. What is Bachelors’ Jam? Bachelor’s Jam is an old-world …

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Homemade Root beer

Homemade Root Beer

Homemade root beer has a vintage charm with its unusual array of roots and bark, flowers, leaves, and berries. Luckily, this old-fashioned recipe for herbal root beer is simple to make in the comfort of your home. To make this homemade root beer, you will need a starter culture such as ginger bug or Kombucha, …

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How to make pineapple mimosa

How to Make a Pineapple Mimosa

Go ahead and try this pineapple mimosa to have a refreshing twist on the classic, with tropical flair. This is a light, fruity, and easy-to-make recipe that’s perfect for brunch, or any other occasion. It is possible that you like pineapple, but don’t really enjoy pineapple juice. It can be too acidic, or you might …

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evaporated milk

Can You Drink Evaporated Milk?

If you have been wondering if evaporated milk could be drunk since you have never bought it before, then this article is the right one for you. This article discusses how you use evaporated milk, and what you can partner it with. What is Evaporated Milk Made Of? However, there are bad effects of evaporated …

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