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Thracian Clifs herb garden

Herbs are the most wonderful collection of plants, because not only do they smell divine, look good, and do you good, but they can transform a dish into a feast. Herb gardening has become popular recently because it’s satisfying to grow flavourful plants and to use them in your home and commercial cooking. Jumping on the band wagon, we started couple of years ago with just very few of our best-loved ones: parsley, chives, dill and mint.

At the time we didn’t have a proper garden but the desire was there… What we discovered was herbs are easy to grow and you don’t even need to have a real garden. In actual fact, if you have a small space in a sunny location (most window ledges will do) and some time to devote, you can grow your own fresh herbs. Wonderful!

Later we went to live on the sea coast, where we had much more room and indeed land to grow any herb imaginable. So we snatched the chance to start growing herbs such as basil, rosemary thyme, coriander, oregano, chives, fennel, sage, lovage, as well as others, plus sweet chilli peppers and  fruit crops such as raspberries and gooseberries.

We spent almost two years at this wonderful place called Thracian Cliffs, due to my job there. Therewe had a beautiful proper herb garden that supplied the main restaurant and partially the other restaurants with fresh herbs. It’s simply unbeatable: good, fresh herbs that are taken care of are so much more powerful and the fact that it takes only few minutes from garden to client’s plate… you can’t ask for anything better.


Few of the herbs we grow. In this picture: savory sage rosemary and peppermint.

We are now back in Sofia and as you can imagine continue growing our own herbs. Luckily we also have a garden some 250 kilometers from Sofia, at the south of Bulgaria, where we wit a great help from parents we grow numerous fruits and vegetables and also have fruit trees.

I can now tell you that although a herb garden can contain numerous different plants and acres of land, you can enjoy your very own fresh herbs in a simple container garden with a few of your favourite herbs. So why am I telling you all this? Because I wanted to share the fact that having my own little potted herb garden has truly made a huge impact on my life.

Apart from other benefits such as cost savings, keeping and caring for live plants brings a burst of vitality into your everyday life, connecting you with the natural world. And I truly believe that many of us had lost our connection with food, so this is about trying to get closer to what we eat.

Growing my own herbs brought other benefits into my life—responsibility, sustainability and for me, a lot of happiness. Naturally, my advice is: give it a go, start growing your own herbs.


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