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Summary of August 2011 recipes

Блини с елда и червен хайвер

It looks like we didn’t cook a lot during the hot days of August.But our discoveries this month will definitely stay with us for some time to come… By the way, we’ve already started our recipe collection for September, and we promise it’s going to be bigger and full of temptations.



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Summary of July 2011 recipes

Mixed mushroom soup

Here is what we cooked in July – light and refreshing summer meals that satisfied our small appetites but still gave us energy and time for other activities.

Mixed mushrooms soup

Parmesan & Rosemary crackers

Cauliflower puree with fresh chives

Focaccia with olives and rosemary

Mini clafoutis with

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Summary of June 2011 recipes

Lovage mussel soup

While we continue with lighter, summer meals, trying to take advantage of the seasonal abundance and diversity of products, you can have a look at what we cooked in June (in case you missed some of them). And don’t forget to tell us your opinion on the June collection – it is important to us!

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Summary of May 2011 recipes

Grapefruit & avocado super salad

While we are gathering a new collection of light and fresh summer recipes, you can see and try our May creations. And of course we’d love to hear your comments about them.

Grapefruit & avocado super salad

Quick bread with honey

Cheesy potato sticks

Roquefort quiche

Spinach & radishes

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Summary of April 2011 recipes

Мини пайчета с круша и синьо сирене

We already started with our May menu but let us remind you what we cooked in April. Have a look and tell us what you think.

Pears and blue cheese mini pies

Asian style ginger chicken with honey

Wholemeal olive oil bread

Garlic knots

Raspberry flapjacks

Dark chocolate chip

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