Food Preservation: Freezing Basics

Food Preservation: Freezing Basics

Freezing is the most efficient, convenient, and time-saving method of conserving foods. Most foods available can be frozen, except produce with high-water content, cream-based foods, and cooked starchy foods like noodles and rice. These freezing basics will help you avoid freezer burn, which is when ice crystals form on food and cause it to dry …

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8 Delicious Fun Facts About Cakes

8 Delicious Fun Facts About Cakes

For centuries, people have enjoyed cakes at special events and occasions. However, there is more to these tasty treats than you might realize! These are eight fun facts about cakes, including anything from how the original cakes looked and where the history of tiered cakes originated. 1. What did the first cake look like? The …

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Tiktok Chicken Recipe in a Crockpot

Tiktok Chicken Recipe in a Crockpot

TikTok chicken recipe, a super-easy slow cooker meal, is a one-pot and done shredded chicken that only requires a handful of delicious ingredients. This combination of cream cheese, shredded cheese, and dry ranch dressing, makes a great dip, and a perfect meal for weeknights. Reasons why you will love this Tiktok Chicken Recipe Extremely easy: …

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Limoncello Lemonade: Cocktail Recipe

Limoncello Lemonade: Cocktail Recipe

Enjoy a refreshing glass of Limoncello Lemonade if you love lemon beverages. For a wonderfully sweet and tart sipper, pair fresh, homemade lemonade with some zesty Italian Limoncello. This is an excellent choice for summer cookouts, weddings, baby showers, or fun! Where did Limoncello Originate? Limoncello is a kind of lemon liqueur traditionally made in …

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4 Essential Pots and Pans For Your Stovetop

Stovetop Essential Pots and Pans

Adding these stovetop essential pots and pans to your repertoire elevates your kitchen to gourmet status. I am sure by now, you have the basics; a pan, pot or two, and your stove. However, with these top-notch kitchen tools at your disposal, any cook will find it easier to master the range of recipes they …

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How to clean a wok

How to Clean a Wok

How to clean a wok and learning to care for it is crucial before you start cooking. Otherwise, you might damage it, and it won’t last as long as you want. You might be eager to cook in your new work as soon as you get home, but before you do that, read first here …

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how to freeze kale

How to Freeze Kale

Do you know how to freeze kale? Kale is an interesting, nutritious vegetable that can be frozen and enjoyed later in the year when fresh produce is not available. You can definitely have at least one kale plant in your own garden too. They are incredibly hardy, and they can keep producing heartily for several …

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Instant Pot green Rice Porridge

Instant Pot Green Rice Porridge

We should not take the term “life-changing” lightly, although this Instant Pot green rice porridge does qualify. Making porridge in this manner is an easy and nutritious method to do so. It’s also known as rice porridge or congee. There’s a lot of spinach in this dish—many of it. Your body will thank you if …

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Instant Pot Brown Rice Congee

Instant Pot Brown Rice Congee

Today, you will be exploring the wonderful experience of making (and eating) Instant Pot brown rice congee. Spoiler alert: congee can be made in an Instant Pot. This should be enough reason to get one. It’s a complete home run. Put your rice in the pot, go on with your day, and think about toppings. …

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old bachelors' jam

How to Make Old Bachelors’ Jam

Old Bachelors’ Jam, bursting with the flavor of stone fruit and berries, is like summer in bottles. This fruit-infused, old-world liqueur is one the easiest recipes to make. This sweet and fruity liqueur will bring back the summer memories when the winter cold finally sets in. What is Bachelors’ Jam? Bachelor’s Jam is an old-world …

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homemade bouillon paste

Homemade Bouillon Paste Recipe

It is possible to make homemade bouillon paste in the comfort of your own home. You can use it in various soups, stews, and noodle dishes. It might be much better than any canned soup you have ever tried. Pam Corbin’s book, The River Cottage Preserves Handbook, inspired this recipe. This lovely little book includes …

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Blueberry Clafoutis Recipe

Blueberry Clafoutis Recipe

This blueberry clafoutis is a great way to enjoy summer’s fresh blueberries when you’ve eaten your fill of them. It is full of sweet, inky berries in a faintly sweet custard-like batter. It’s definitely perfect for lazy Saturday morning breakfasts. You can also serve it as a light summer dessert. It’s a summer staple, just …

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How to Prepare Dandelion Salad

How to Prepare Dandelion Salad

There may be many dandelions growing in your garden this spring. So, you may choose to make this dandelion salad instead of throwing them out. The perfect accompaniments to this salad are a zippy, garlic dressing and toasty, herby breadcrumbs. What Is Dandelion Salad? Dandelions belong to the daisy family, and they are seen in …

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Homemade Root beer

Homemade Root Beer

Homemade root beer has a vintage charm with its unusual array of roots and bark, flowers, leaves, and berries. Luckily, this old-fashioned recipe for herbal root beer is simple to make in the comfort of your home. To make this homemade root beer, you will need a starter culture such as ginger bug or Kombucha, …

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