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Hello and welcome to ShareMyKitchen!

Who are we? Our names are Sergey and Borislava and this blog is created and written by us. It’s a place we see as the extension of our kitchen. Here we meet old and new friends, share experiences, ideas, recipes and most of all, inspirations.

We are often asked how it all started. Before we met each other, neither of us cooked much. We would like to think we both had developed tastes for good food, some cooking experience and many favourite dishes. But by no means could we imagine rolling up sleeves and starting to cook and photograph, let apart blog about food.

After the first few times together in the kitchen we discovered we both love being there, doing stuff together! But more than that we found we inspire each other to cook, explore, experiment and… write about it. In short we are a couple that loves making everyday things feel and taste better.

sergey-5444752We are both Bulgarians but before we met we lived and worked abroad – Sergey in the UK, and Borislava in Switzerland. We are now back in Bulgaria.

Neither of us works as a chef. Sergey’s profession is a hotel consultant; he now establishes and manages few restaurants and a hotel in a new, amazingly beautiful resort on the Bulgarian North coast. However, there was a time he used to work in kitchens and has very fond memories of that time.me-8350231

Borislava is a psychologist, with professional experience in treating addictions and eating disorders. She was the psychologist of the last two seasons of the Bulgarian version of the reality show Survivor.

We both come from families where food is very much appreciated and prepared with love and care. Food has always played an important part in our life and we like to share our passion for all things food related – thoughts, recipes, cookbooks, odd and rare ingredients, clever gadgets, restaurant experiences, ideas, and most of all, inspirations. So now you know where the name “share my kitchen” comes from.

Dictionaries: We want to share the things we know and be helpful to all our readers. That’s the main reason we published the English-Bulgarian Culinary dictionary on the website. The dictionary is personal project of Sergey he did few years ago, which is still not officially published and it cannot be found anywhere else but here.

It’s designed to be used by professional (Bulgarian) chefs, although as we’ve found, many cooking enthusiasts and home-based cooks have been using it. The culinary dictionary comprises more than 2,000 terms, including ingredients, additives, techniques, equipment, menu terms, catering terms and more.

Using it online is absolutely free and the contents are intended for your personal, non-commercial use. No part of the work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means – electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems – without a written permission.

Requests for permission to use or reproduce should be mailed to: contact [at] sharemykitchen [dot] com.

We started working on other similar culinary dictionaries: English – Italian and English – Russian Culinary dictionary. As you can imagine it is a very elaborate work, and it takes time. We will be publishing new parts of each dictionary as they become available. If you would like to help this initiative move forward, do it through the comment boxes below the specific dictionary. We will appreciate your suggestions and questions.

sergey-and-borislava-2925926Recipes: Unlike most of the large recipe websites with thousands of recipes, Share My Kitchen is our personal website, with not that many recipes, but all cooked by us. Furthermore, all dishes are photographed by us and all suggestions and comments are based on our own experience.

The recipes on our website are related to our life, travels, and everyday interests. We prefer cooking from scratch, using natural, fresh and raw ingredients and extremely rarely our ingredients list includes something caned or processed. We use real butter, real cream and real eggs. We use our own-grown herbs, and we prefer to buy our meat, fruits and vegetables from farmers’ markets. As we now live by the sea (lucky us!), we buy most of our fish from local fishermen.

We think everyone can learn to cook delicious food, providing they put enough passion and patience into it. Our recipes are not necessary healthy and neither are they very sophisticated and vanguard. But they are diverse and cover many ingredients, cuisines, regions and tastes. The recipes address all those who are aspired to try new things and would like to spend some time in the kitchen. Having said that, we are wary of pretentious ingredients or mincing recipes, so if you are searching for haute cuisine recipes, our blog might not be the place for you.

Some of our recipes are adapted from our mom’s notebooks; others come from various cookbooks, TV shows or websites and food blogs we and follow. Sometimes, we cook and publish a recipe inspired by chefs we like. We consider it fare to acknowledge the source, whenever it’s possible (although sometimes we only have a list of ingredients written in an old notebook). As we give a nod to our sources of inspiration, we expect the same from anyone that may want to publish on their blog something they found here.

As we cook most of the recipes numerous times, we try to improve and often update them. So keep in mind that what you see here is a work in progress. Also, leave a comment regardless of whether you like the recipe or not – we’d love to hear from you.

Traditional Bulgarian recipes: We like Bulgarian food very much and this is not only for the reason we grew up with it but because it’s truly tasty. Most of recipes you’ll find here are customary Bulgarian, well known and centuries old, and the type you don’t look up in a cookbook. Yet others could be traditional to just a particular region of Bulgaria and may not be so popular. These are the ones we are most proud of because we try to collect as many local recipes as we can, while traveling around Bulgaria.

We invite anyone curious to find out what the Bulgarian cuisine is like, to visit this section of our website and tell us what you think. And if you cook a dish, drop us a line, we definitely want to know how did you like it.

Our posts: For many of our posts we need to do a lot of research. Because we aim to provide the most timely and accurate information possible, we check different online sources, go through various books and talk to people we consider trustworthy. Our greatest benefit of doing this is learning a lot about the culinary world, and we just like it. Still, the information we provide is purely our own view on a certain subject, and it is not to be considered as an expert’s opinion.

Writing a bilingual blog is sometimes a challenge, and we reserve the right to translate our posts liberally or have some posts in just one of the languages. This means that the Bulgarian version of a particular post is not an exact copy of the English one.

Things we like is the category where we share our satisfaction with certain products, devices or appliances that we’ve seen or purchased. These posts are not paid and the products we write about are not presents (sometimes we wish they were), and we will not write a post on something that we are not really satisfied with.

Photography: We are very visually driven and influenced by the appearance of almost every little thing of our everyday lives. As most kids, we used to be amazed by photography and pointed our cameras at just about everything we liked.

When we started this blog, we both had only point and shoot cameras. So, at the beginning we took all the photos with them (probably not difficult to spot). We still have those clumsy and not very bright photos on the blog, and we’ll probably keep them there, as they sign our progress. Another thing we would do is to invite friends (with their cameras) for dinner. Borislava’s sister – Antonia, was a frequent guest and most of her photos used on the site are sighed. She helped us a lot at that time, and still provides support with tips and lessons about shooting. It was like preparing a multi-course tasting menu – we planned, shopped, cooked and shoot for hours – and after the photo session everybody would sit at the table and taste whatever was prepared. A win-win situation.

Then we decided to take it a step further and buy our own camera and start learning how to use it. For several mounts we are passionately exploring our Canon Eos 500 D, trying tirelessly and fearlessly to make it work for us.

In general we don’t mind if our photos are republished on other sites as long as there is a link back to the page from where the photo comes from, and as long as the text itself is not also published with the photograph. Only non-commercial uses are allowed. If you wish to use any images, articles and other content that is on this site, please contact us and ask for permission. Of course, we maintain the right to withdraw that permission for any reason.

Comments: We would like this to become a place, where useful info and recipes could easily be shared, searched for, found, and most importantly used and enjoyed!

This is our virtual kitchen, and we’d love to have you over, so please, be invited and feel like a dear guest. But also, please remember that you are expected to behave accordingly when you leave a comment – we will not allow any misbehaving at our home. And we also don’t like intruders (aka spammers) leaving comments just so they can leave a link to their place, too.

If you have any questions or like to comment on a story or a recipe, please get in touch via the comments in posts or email us at: contact [at] sharemykitchen [dot] com – your feedback and comments are always very much appreciated.

Store and advertising: We’ve created an Amazon Store with suggestions and recommendations for some of our favourite products, kitchen equipment, gadgets and culinary books. We receive a small commission for any sales made from our store, and these commissions, plus any fees from ads that are displayed on the site help us continue doing what we do, and support the running of Share my kitchen.

If you are interested in advertising here, you can contact us at: contact [at] sharemykitchen [dot] com.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of the above and we hope to see you here again soon!

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